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Rob Fabrie made his first steps into the sounddesign world with help from Rob Papen (RP). First project was a bank for  (RP) SubBoombBass then followed a bank for Predator both sold through Rob Papen‘s webshop. After that the both Rob’s did a collab bank project called: the Gizeh banks with dedicated trance sounds for Predator. This bank is now part of the factory content.

Shortly after that Rob made presets for RP-Delay, RP-Distort, RP-Punch and the new RP-Blade. Through this rob came into contact with UK sounddesigner Rob Lee and he adviced Rob to sell also his banks through Rob Lee’s webshop. Also available are the Rob Fabrie bank1 for Synapse Audio‘s Dune and Rob Fabrie bank1 for Lennardigital Sylenth1, with more to come!

Meanwhile Rob came into contact with Tone2 audiosoftware and made factory sounds for Electra–X and their entirely new synth Saurus. Rob kept on spreading his sounddesign palette and made sounds for KV331 Audio Synthmaster2.5 too, these are part of the userbased presets.


When you are a vst company and you are interested in sounds,  feel free to send an email at I will contact you.

Link for Rob Fabrie soundbank sale :